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Our Mission

RescueConnect was founded in 2013. A love of animals and a desire to serve those that were falling through the cracks of existing rescue options led to the creation of the group.

We work with animal shelters in North and South Carolina to identify adoptable dogs that have no option for local adoption or rescue. We also support good samaritans that find homeless animals and people that find themselves with animals they can no longer care for. After coming to RescueConnect all dogs receive spay or neuter, heartworm screening and treatment if needed, vaccinations and microchips.

While our focus began with dogs, we continue to support remedying the cat overpopulation problem in eastern NC by participating in TNR (Trap Neuter Release) efforts to limit the cat population. Kittens or cats trapped during these efforts that are deemed socialized are fostered and adopted locally in Wilmington, NC.

In 2018, we expanded our assistance to cats and gained a rescue partner to include an adoption venue. With help of dedicated cat foster volunteers, we are able to showcase adoptable cats along with our dogs looking for homes in Wilmington, NC. Search for RescueConnect on Adoptapet.com and PetFinder.com and visit the in-store cat adoption center in Wilmington, NC at PetSmart Mayfaire.

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Our Model

Most of our dogs are not adopted locally; by working with Partner groups in areas of the country that are more densely populated we are able to assist far more than by working locally alone. Once our dogs are vetted they are transported to our partners where forever families are found. Our focus has been on hounds- beagles, bassets, and mixes of these breeds, but as we have developed partnerships with more groups we have been able to expand the sizes and breeds we can assist. RescueConnect sponsors a portion of the vetting cost incurred in getting dogs transport ready, and also provides the invaluable service of local fosters which help animal adjust to living in a home environment, and make them adoption ready upon arrival at our Partners.

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